STCW Convention

The 2010 amendments to the STCW Convention require all flag states to furnish information on the status of certificates and endorsements to other parties and companies on request, and by 1st January 2017 the information has to be available electronically in English.

To accomplish this task, Marine Administrations will need to implement an electronic system to manage and control Seafarer documentation which allows external access for certificate validation and checking. Such systems deal with seafarer’s personal data and this should be properly protected. Vessel HQ is certified to the ISO27001:2013 standard for Information Security Management, as well as having robust security features and 24/7 access.

The STCW Regulation Specifics How Seafarer HQ supports the STCW Regulation

STCW Regulation Specifics

STCW Regulation I/2 paragraph .14

14. Each Party undertakes to maintain a register or registers of all certificates and endorsements for masters, officers, and, as applicable, ratings which are issued, have expired or have been revalidated, suspended, cancelled or reported lost or destroyed and of dispensations issued.

STCW Regulation I/2 paragraphs .15 & .16

15. Each Party undertakes to make available information on the status of such certificates of competency, endorsements and dispensations to other Parties and companies which request verification of the authenticity and validity of certificates produced to them by seafarers seeking recognition of their certificates under regulation I/10 or employment on board ship.

16. As of 1 January 2017, the information on the status of information required to be available in accordance with paragraph 15 of this regulation shall be made available, in the English language, through electronic means.

STCW and Seafarer HQ

Seafarer HQ is a software solution that fully complies the STCW 2017 requirement. It enables staff, filing agents and/or seafarers to submit applications for endorsements along with the mandatory supporting documentation. Applications are then approved by the flag state, CRAs issued and once payment is made, the final endorsement generated.

Seafarers & Endorsements

Full records of all Seafarers and Endorsements are submitted through the platform. You can enable Seafarers to create user accounts, enabling self-service for submissions and updates.

Data Security & ISO27001:2013

The system securely stores all data, the status of each seafarer and his or her certification. Personal data is secured in transit via SSL and is encrypted using symetric encryption techniques in the database itself.

External Access

The data for an Endorsement can be accessed instantly through a web portal by any individual, company or PSC officer who needs confirmation of the status of a particular certificate. Access is fully audited, enabling full visibility into the people accessing data.

The Importance of Data Security

Data security in today's world is vitally important. You can rest assured that Oceans HQ Ltd, the company behind Seafarer HQ are ISO27001:2013 certified and all important information is only stored in encrypted formats.

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